Interested applicants should contact Lindsay Nelson:

Do you need extra money this semester? Come learn with us and get paid!

Discover the exciting truth of the Bible through both scientific research and personal Bible instruction!

Join the Teleios team in a work-training program to provide extra income, as well as learn through exciting Biblically-based scientific research. Your work may lead to a publication! .

Student interns assist with psychologically-based research on Biblical lifestyle parameters that influence personal wellbeing. The goal of the internship is to provide a student with research skills, an enhanced resumé and increased Biblical knowledge and study skills.

General description:

  • Learn research methodology
  • Assist in ongoing vital Biblically-based research
  • Scripture-based Bible study (1 hour/week)
  • 5-10 hours/week over the semester

Required skills:

  • Knowledge of Excel, Outlook, Word programs
  • Affable character
  • Prior science/statistic course work a plus


  • The work will be computer-based with required real-time communications by phone or VOIP.


  • Stipend to be determined

Interested applicants should contact Lindsay Nelson:

We look forward to hearing from you!

I earned my Bachelors of Education in Communication Sciences and Disorders, and I am currently pursuing my Masters of Arts in Nonprofit Management. I will be serving as the Nonprofit Intern with Sole Hope in Africa. My long term goal is to work in international development, providing people in developing countries with sustainable jobs and resources to end the cycle of poverty in their community.

I truly enjoy working for Teleios because I can learn about other’s people view of their own salvation or religion. The projects I have been able be a part of have helped me ask similar questions about my faith and how I can glorify God with my life.

Emily – 2017

I am a Senior at a large secular southern university with a Bachelors in Science in Health Promotion with an emphasis in Health Services. I plan to attend PA school and combine both my passion for preventative and clinical health care all the why pushing and influencing all those I encounter to live for Jesus.

Working with Teleios allowed me to dive into what researchers are saying about Christianity’s benefits on well-being, and if they are studying religion’s effects on well-being are they naming Christianity as the culprit. As a science major, I am constantly reminded of how the Lord’s designed us to live life and to live it abundantly in His name and for His glory.

Alex – 2017

I attend a small southern Christian college studying Biblical studies with a minor in Psychology and hope to I hope to get both my Masters in Counseling and also my Masters of Divinity. I’ve always wanted to know more about God, His scripture, and learn more about His character.

At Teleios, while practical research experience is something I knew I would gain, I was primarily interested in gaining more biblical wisdom and learning more about how that wisdom is and should be applied within the realm of psychology. After learning more about Teleios and their mission, I knew I would have the opportunity to show others the impact that Christian faith has in our lives and daily interactions.

Nyra – 2016

I am a senior advertising student at a large secular southern university who plans on moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career in journalism.

Interning for Teleios has taught me a lot about who I am and how I work as a professional. As a social media intern, Teleios gave me the creative freedom to try a lot of different things. My time with Teleios has definitely taught me a lot about my field and what works and what doesn’t.

Glen – 2016

I am a Senior at a small Christian college. It is wonderful to get my degree in Psychology with Christ as the foundation throughout every class I took. I hope to get my Masters in Counseling. I will soon take part in Fellows Program hosted by First Presbyterian Church. I really love people and I know that whatever I do in my life, my psychology degree will be useful and I hope I can serve God more fully because of it.

With Teleios I had the opportunity to do Christian psychological research to show others that holding to Christian beliefs really does make a difference in how people live and how they interact with others. At Teleios I reviewed medical literature evaluating anxiety/stress and the impact of religion.

Meghan – 2015

“If you’ve ever had doubts or struggles with how Christianity benefits your life then Teleios is for you. Teleios provides scientific evidence of how the Lord benefits an individual’s life in a positive way. They provide endless amounts of research studies on different topics pertaining to the Christian faith. Their research has not only improved my faith, but it has enhanced my understanding of my relationship with the Lord.”

Glen Kwon – Student internship, University of Georgia – Athens, GA

“I started my internship with Teleios hoping to get good research experience, but what I got was so much more. The topics I researched encouraged me in the midst of my hectic life. I knew the paper we were writing was to prove the power of prayer to our readers, but more than anything it showed me why I need to pray. I was encouraged in my research and learned the Scriptures much more deeply from the people I had the opportunity of working with. I am so thankful I had the chance to work with Teleios and hope their work can be an encouragement for many.”

Megan Wetselaar – Student internship, Covenant College – Lookout Mountain, GA