Who We Are

The Founders

William Stewart picture Jeanette Stewart picture

After establishing successful academic and professional careers, WC Stewart, MD and Jeanette A. Stewart, RN, co-founded several companies that focus on international clinical research management as well as financing and development of new medications.

In 2002 the Stewarts co-founded Teleios, Inc., a private foundation, to use their scientific research skills to generate evidence supportive of Biblical truth to improve the wellbeing of people’s lives. They continue to serve as directors of the foundation.

The Stewarts have been active in Christian leadership, individually and together, for over three decades. Separately, they each followed a part-time non-graduate study path at Dallas Theological Seminary. Each has served in local church leadership positions. Together they have taught local medical school and college campus ministries and have mentored and taught over 100 students individually and hundreds of others in group Bible-led studies and classes.

In 2015 Jeanette was honored with a 4-year long appointment to the Board of Directors for Chosen People Ministries (CPM). CPM exists to pray for, evangelize, disciple, and serve Jewish people everywhere and to help fellow believers do the same. Today CPM serves in 16 countries with outreach programs including: evangelism and discipleship, Messianic Centers and congregations, equipping the local church for Jewish evangelism, print and web publications, and benevolence work.

Director of Faith-Based Research

Rod MacIlvaine picture

W. Rodman MacIlvaine, III, DMin is on the adjunct faculties of both Oklahoma Wesleyan University and Dallas Theological Seminary. He is the founding senior pastor of Grace Community Church in Northeastern, Oklahoma – a church that has worked extensively to serve educational needs in the Spanish Speaking Caribbean. A Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, Dr. MacIlvaine works with men and women in transition, especially those who are shifting into second careers.

Dr. MacIlvaine specializes in apologetics from an historical and theological perspective. His emphasis is in showing how adhering to God’s word has generated many benefits to societies, cultures and individuals.

Research Coordinator

Lindsay Nelson

Lindsay Nelson has been working in clinical research for over a decade assisting WC and Jeanette Stewart. In recent years, as the Research Coordinator for Teleios, Lindsay supports the organization’s daily activities and plays a critical role in data collection and analysis for research conducted by Teleios.