Teleios, Inc. Ministry Project Grant Application


  • Read all requirements and prepare documents.
  • Upload your documents using the “upload” tool at the end of the requirements.
  • You can upload only 1 file at the time so please repeat until you finish uploading every document required.
  • After uploading please complete and submit the personal information form.


1. Provide a short description (3-4 pages) for the ministry project, including: summary, need, goals, strategy, logistical plans, target population, risks, grant duration, a description of your ministry, competing ministries, advantages to your ministry plan, communication plan and continuation plan after the funding ends.

2. Provide a detailed budget with direct and indirect costs, including salary and administrative support for the duration of the project covered by the grant.

3. If the proposed ministry project is under the authority of another organization, please attach letter from the appropriate responsible person with details of their commitment of support for the project.

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Personal Information for Application

Please note -

Applications that prioritize the explicit sharing of the plan of salvation (the gospel) and/or directly teaching the Bible, in association with any other activities of the mission, will be given priority.

Submission of the application does not guarantee acceptance or a working relationship with Teleios. Please be advised in conducting proper due diligence for this grant there may be follow up requests for data, information, additional questions or references.

Submission of the form is equivalent of a signature. Applications will be processed in the order they are received.