August 18, 2017

U.S. Works to Influence and Support Religious Freedom Globally

Secretary of State Tillerson says “We cannot ignore these conditions [i.e., persecution of Christians). The Trump administration has committed to addressing these conditions in part by advancing international religious freedom around the world and will continue to advocate on behalf of those seeking to live their lives according to their faith.”

Defector: Christianity Thrives in North Korea as Citizens ‘No Longer Respect’ Kim Jong-In

Christianity is spreading in North Korea as fewer citizens in the hermit state consider dictator Kim Jong-Un a god.

How Does Church Affect the Wellbeing of the Youth?

Teleios Research surveys youth and millennials about how church affects wellbeing.

They use ​money to promote Christianity’: Nepal’s battle for souls

Critics allege that it is not just caste discrimination leading many Dalits in Nepal to turn away from Hindu beliefs and become Christians

August 17, 2017

Museum of the Bible sets free admission ahead of November opening

The Museum of the Bible, which is scheduled to open in Washington D.C. on Nov. 17, has announced that the admission to the venue will be free.

Trump Cabinet Bible Teacher: “The Best Bible Study I’ve Ever Taught”

The Trump Administration is making Christian history! For the first time in over 100 years, weekly Bible studies are meeting at the White House

Religion Can Help Depression

Teleios Research explores the medical literature to see how religion can help depression.

Defector: ‘Church is growing’, as new report highlights plight of Christianity in North Korea

A new government report has given more insight into the persecution of Christians in North Korea as a defector said the faith is spreading in the communist country.

Breaking News…Christian Faith Can Help Anxiety!

Teleios Research reviews medical articles evaluating anxiety and the effect of religion.

Christian Leaders Welcome Support from Trump, Congress to Rebuild Homeland in Iraq

Proposed US legislation may help President Donald Trump’s administration keep its promise to help persecuted minority groups in Iraq and Syria.

August 16, 2017

Over 600 Christian families have returned to northern Iraq to rebuild their homes, says Archbishop of Mosul

More than 600 Christian families displaced by the Islamic State terror group in northern Iraq have returned to the region in the hopes of rebuilding their homes.

Atheism vs. Religion in College Students

Teleios Research finds evangelicals report higher ratings of wellbeing compared to atheists/agnostics.

Christianity is Rapidly Growing in Iran

Christianity has been growing at a fast rate in the last couple of decades in Iran, that has caused the Islamic government a lot of concern

Do you know what biblical characteristics enhances wellbeing?

Teleios Research reviewed articles in the medical literature evaluating wellbeing based on: forgiveness, gratitude, hope and empathy.

US Secretary of State takes aim at ISIS and global failure to stop persecution in new religious freedom report

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has condemned the prevalence of religious persecution across the world.

Forbes recognizes translation ministry as good place to work

One ministry was recently recognized for being a great place to work, and it’s a ministry known for their commitment to the Great Commission.

August 15, 2017

North Korea threatens missile launch at Guam; Guam ministry launching the Gospel back

Guam’s response to the war of words between North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un and United States President Donald Trump.

Hundreds of Christians who secretly converted in Iran seek asylum in Turkey, claiming persecution

Some 500 Christian converts from Iran have sought asylum in Turkey following persecution by the authorities.

Hungary offers Iranian Christian convert sanctuary after Sweden threatens deportation

An Iranian Christian convert, due to be deported from Sweden back to Iran, is being offered asylum in Hungary.

CBS Praises ‘Mom of Pakistan’ Marilyn Hickey as She Boldly Proclaims the Gospel in One of the Most Dangerous Nations

Marilyn Hickey preached to over 1 million people in Karachi, the largest city in Pakistan, earlier this month.

Hungarian Leader: ‘It Is a Duty to Help Our Christian Brothers’

Tamás Török, head of Hungary’s groundbreaking new department for persecuted Christians, explains to the Register what spurred his government into action.

Struggling with glaucoma? Religion may help!

Teleios Research evaluates the impact of religious adherence on a patient’s outlook on disease in a glaucoma population.

August 14, 2017

Iranian Youths Mass Converting to Christianity Despite Islamic Indoctrination, Government’s Efforts

The massive rise of Christianity in Iran, especially among youths, continues despite the Islamic government’s efforts to suppress the faith.

Local churches assist in Bible translation in the Middle East

Bruce Smith says they love the chance to expand their goals as interest in Bible translation in the Middle East grows.

Feeling guilty? Be careful!

Teleios Research examines the influence of guilt on wellbeing in evangelical Christians.

August 13, 2017

‘It’s Now or Never’: Iraqi Christians Fill Pews in Burned Down Churches After Islamic State

Hope has returned to one of the oldest Christian communities in the world as they struggle to bring life again to their historical homeland in northern Iraq.

How Spirituality Can Benefit Your Health

Positive beliefs, comfort, and strength gained from religion, meditation, and prayer can contribute to well being.

Gospel Being Released into N Korea by Balloon Offensive (Video)

For nearly three decades, one Christian human rights group has carried out an unusual aerial offensive to encourage North Korea’s secret believers.

Spiritual Therapy in Coping with Cancer as a Complementary Medical Preventive Practice

It may be useful for clinical oncologists to be informed of the prevalence of the use of spiritual medicine in their specialized field.

A Powerful Tool – Saved by Grace

Teleios Research surveys evangelical Christians evaluating confidence in salvation and associations with wellbeing and adherence to their faith.

August 12, 2017

Why Christian Charities Help People in Controversial Countries

World Vision’s CEO on why ending poverty requires working in states with mixed human rights records and failing governments.

Quality of life and religious-spiritual coping in palliative cancer care patients

Male participants who were active Catholics with higher Religious-Spiritual Coping scores presented a better perceived quality of life

Breaking… How do millennial Christians make decisions?

Teleios Research surveys young evangelicals to evaluate how they make decisions and the influence this has on their wellbeing.

What the Mainstream Media Won’t Tell You: The Church in North Korea

President Donald Trump is warning North Korea’s dictator that America’s military solutions are now “fully in place, locked and loaded.”

August 11, 2017

Christians Should Like What Trump Is Doing with the Federal Judiciary

What President Donald Trump is doing to protect 1st amendment rights that are so important to Christians.

Excitement at Burundi evangelism campaign

Hundreds of people – adults and youth – have given their lives to Christ during an evangelistic campaign in Burundi which began last month.

Powerful poetry: reaching out in Arabic culture

How Middle Eastern Christians are reaching their own people through creative media.

Role of religious social support in longitudinal relationships between religiosity and health-related outcomes in African Americans

Religious social support as a potential mediator of the relationship between religious beliefs and behaviors, and multiple health-related outcomes.

Patients feel better when discussing their spirituality!

Teleios Research reviews medical literature to understand how religion affects patients’ lives and diseases.

August 10, 2017

Evangelistic team spreads faith with its strength

But his feats of strength, and those of his mostly ex-NFL cohorts called the Next Generation Power Force, have far more significance than mere flex appeal.

Amazing differences in beliefs between Catholic and Protestant evangelicals

Teleios Research recently performed a survey evaluating differences in beliefs regarding salvation.

FL, TN. and LA evangelism/missions news; ‘It dawned on me that we have this huge army of trained missionaries’

Bell Shoals Baptist Church is determined to reach its neighborhood with the Gospel, even if it means knocking on every door. Literally.

SWBC Evangelism Training: 2,777 Lives Saved

Riley Stephenson, KCM’s Minister of Evangelism, led our evangelism training at the 2017 Southwest Believers’ Convention.

Can sharing the gospel can make you healthier!

Teleios Research conducted a survey measuring wellbeing for those who share the gospel to non-believers vs. those who do not.

Bad things are happening –Donald Trump vows to protect Christianity

A video of U.S President, Donald Trump vowing his government will protect Christianity has gone viral.

Muslim converts breathe new life into Europe’s struggling Christian churches

Christianity is making a comeback in Europe – and it’s mostly thanks to Muslims, say experts in Islam and faith leaders.

August 09, 2017

Church buys pub to spread the gospel

Most people would never associate a pub with church, but St Thomas Church in Norwich is getting people to think outside the box.

Sarah Sanders Responds To Faith Shaming New York Times – Christians Cheering

Everyday there’s a briefing, Sarah Huckabee Sanders follows the same routine. First she reads a devotion, then she says a prayer, and finally she meets the press.

FMI brings Bible and evangelism training to Indonesia

FMI’s Bruce Allen was recently in Indonesia for field visits and training conferences for FMI-supported church planters.

DTS DMin Meets Scientific Biblically Based Research

Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS) DMin announces a collaboration with Teleios Inc, a private foundation which conducts biblically based research using scientifically proven methods.

Persia, where the Gospel is flourishing

Global Catalytic Ministries is reaching out and “transforming Muslims worldwide through Jesus Christ.”

How Christians can Evangelize without being Weird or Pushy

Learning to love others with Jesus’ compassion will be key in helping you share Christ in a way that doesn’t appear pushy.

New Pro Football Hall of Famer Kurt Warner Thanks Jesus

New Pro Football Hall of Famer Kurt Warner concluded his Hall of Fame Enshrinement speech on Saturday night with one last “thank you” – to Jesus.

Research Shows You Feel Great About Yourself by Serving Your Community!

Teleios Research surveyed mid-western church members to assess the impact of community service on personal wellbeing.

Texas inches closer to banning most insurance coverage for abortion

Texas is closer than ever to joining 10 other states that bar private insurance plans and those offered through the Affordable Care Act from covering abortions, except through supplemental plans.

August 08, 2017

How one Christian grandma managed to get a million Muslims to come and hear the Gospel in an Islamic country that’s hostile to Christianity

A million Muslims came to hear the Gospel being preached in the heart of a country where Christians are regularly thrown in prison for their faith.

Learn to Explain and Defend Your Religious Liberty

Every Christian needs to be able to explain what religious liberty is and why it’s important.

How Modelling An Evidential Faith Can Change the Lives Around You (Video)

J. Warner Wallace describes the journey of a quiet member of his youth group who became a bold ambassador for Christianity after watching others model an outspoken, evidential Christian faith.

Countless scores of Muslims are renouncing Islam and giving their lives to Christ in Finland

While there have been many Muslims who have arrived in Finland in recent years, there is also another phenomenon, and that is that so many Muslims are renouncing Islam for Christ.

This Town is Using the Upcoming Solar Event as a Unique Opportunity to Share the Gospel

The ministry is partnering with local farmer David Ginn who cleared 75 acres of his land for the evangelistic outreach.

Do practicing Christians feel less guilt?

Teleios Research surveyed a Bible-believing church to assess the influence of guilt on wellbeing associated with adherence and knowledge of faith.

August 07, 2017

Are Current Pastor Graduates Maintaining Biblical Fidelity?

Teleios Research surveyed pastors graduating to assess if they maintained Biblical exhortations or support extra Biblical attitudes in their church.

The Guide to Communicating Your Christianity

A guide for how Christians should engage with culture.

Liberty University to Expand James Dobson Center for Family Studies; Cites High Student Demand

Liberty University has announced that it will be expanding the recently launched James C. Dobson Center for Child Development, Marriage, & Family Studies.

4 Super Effective Ways to Motivate Spiritually Apathetic Teenagers

Over the last 26 years of ministering to teenagers I have discovered 4 super effective ways to motivate spiritually apathetic teenagers.

Evangelical churches in France – facts, figures and home truths

The French National Council of Evangelicals (CNEF) has recently published an upbeat report on evangelical churches in France.

Being a Christian has more benefits than you might think!

Teleios Research evaluates the benefit of religion on general well-being and specific aspects of daily living in healthy populations.

August 06, 2017

Global Programs opens eyes at InterVarsity

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is helping students explore new countries this summer through its Global Programs international trips. However, these trips are about a lot more than just exploring a new country.

School Without Walls

Give to support the training and equipping of Next Generation leaders in Eurasia who are impacting their nations for Christ and making disciples of the nations.

Trump moves forward with religious freedom priorities

Last week, Trump nominated Gov. Sam Brownback to serve in the position of Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom, a position within the U.S. State Department.

Examining the Effects of Religious Attendance on Resilience for Older Adults

Findings suggest that religious service attendance has protective properties that are worthy of consideration when investigating resilience.

Holy Spirit has a critical role in the Christian life

Teleios Research surveys millennials about their beliefs concerning the Holy Spirit.

Aging Holocaust Survivors Hear the Gospel

The good news is that ministry which specifically focuses on Holocaust survivors continues to thrive at the Jerusalem Center, and it is vitally important as these precious people are passing away.

August 05, 2017

Why a Million Muslims Filled the Streets to Hear About Jesus, Right in the Heart of Radical Islam

In an era where terrorists often target Christians and radical Islam is tainting peace-loving Muslims, one brave Christian evangelist is building bridges in places so dangerous, most travelers have written them off.

Christianity exploding in Iran despite efforts of government to stamp it out

Chaffing under repressive Islam, young Iranians are secretly turning to Christ in record numbers, and Iranian-born Shahrokh Afshar wanted to be part of the revival.

Expressing Faith in Public School

Williams encourages parents to know what their rights are in the classroom and to stand firm as ambassadors of Christ in the public schools.

How Changing from Islam to Christianity Transformed This Man’s Life

In Atallah’s book, “From Cairo to Christ” he shares how he was drawn to the Christian faith, and how he later becomes an ambassador for Christ with a ministry in the Muslim world.

August 04, 2017

‘This is our village’: How local Christians and a Catholic charity are rebuilding an Iraqi community brick by brick

Iraqi Christians returning to a historically Christian village in their country, Bartella on the Nineveh Plains, have described rebuilding their community.

Wycliffe Associates prepare to launch Bible translation projects in the Middle East amid intense persecution

Wycliffe Associates, an international organization aimed at advancing Bible translation around the world, has announced that teams of translators are now ready to launch Bible translation projects in the Middle East despite risks of intense persecution.

Prayer & politics: Bible studies drawing lawmakers, Cabinet

So what’s behind a growing bipartisan movement on Capitol Hill of lawmakers gathering together for prayer? A Christian activist with several years’ experience with Washington politics offers his explanation.

Why I Am a Christian

David Wood, former atheist’s testimony video

Wisconsin Can’t Force Christian Photographer to Work Gay Weddings, Court Announces

The state of Wisconsin and its capital city of Madison cannot legally force a Christian photographer to photograph same-sex weddings, a court has said.

August 03, 2017

New Archaeological Find Confirms Biblical Account of the Babylonian Conquest of Jerusalem

A newly discovered archaeological find confirms the Old Testament’s account of the taking of Jerusalem by the Babylonian Empire in the sixth century BC.

Knights of Columbus Take a Lead in Rebuilding Christianity in Iraq

The Knights are following the lead of Hungary, which recently donated $2 million to rebuild Teleskov, another majority Christian town in Ninevah.

Iraqi Muslims Turning From the Brutality of ISIS to Embrace Christianity

On this installment of Think Tank, Doyle offered a firsthand account on the volatile state of Iraq and Christians who are pushed to the brink for their faith.

Oregon Christians fight back against sick tax-funded abortion bill

As of last month, more than 400 Oregon churches are involved in a petition effort aimed at ultimately stopping taxpayer-funded abortions in Oregon.

Young Christians beliefs regarding the influence of the Holy Spirit

Teleios Research recently surveyed 475 people about the role of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

August 02, 2017

Pastor Launches Christian Late Night Show, Take That Left Side

There are a dozen or so late night shows on the air right now, and they all have the exact same opinion. Apologia Studios is about to disrupt the echo chamber with their political late-night comedy, “Next Week with Jeff Durbin.”

Vietnamese Pastor Freed Early From Prison in Return for Exile to US

Vietnam has released a Lutheran pastor and deported him to the United States, reports UCA News.

Michele Bachmann gushes that President Donald Trump is a ‘man of prayer’

Michele Bachmann, a former congresswoman from Minnesota who has been very vocal about her Christian faith in the past, sang praises of both the commander-in-chief and the Lord.

Mayor Defies Atheist Group’s Demands, Vows to Keep Bible Verse on Courthouse Wall

After receiving a complaint letter from a prominent atheist group, the mayor of a Tennessee county says he has no plans to remove a Bible verse inscription from his county’s courthouse and hopes instead to add an additional verse to the building’s walls.

It’s True: Going to Church Makes You Live Longer

As per the findings of Professor Marino Bruce of Vanderbilt University, people who regularly attend religious services live less stressful and longer lives compared to those who do not attend any services at all.

Residents Can’t Mention “Islam” or “Muslim” At Public Hearing on Mosque Construction: Thomas More Law Center Joins the Fight

New Jersey officials agreed residents are prohibited from commenting on “Islam” or “Muslims” at an upcoming public hearing. As a result of this suppression of speech, the Thomas More Law Center has filed a lawsuit.

August 01 2017

Reaching a New Generation with the Bible

The students who sat around the campfire have grown into adults, emerging as the generation we call Millennials.

Kentucky Could Be The First Abortion Free-State By 2018

Last week Operation Save America conducted a seven-day rally, several hundred strong, in Louisville, Kentucky.

How to reach a billion teens with the gospel

There are about one billion young people in the world today between the ages 12-19. That’s a lot of teenagers! How can all of them be reached with the Gospel? I’m convinced there is a way.

New DNA Discoveries Prove the Bible Accurate, Despite What Headlines Claim

There was a spate of headlines last week claiming that new scientific discoveries disproved the historical narrative of the Bible.

Sean Hannity Executive Producing Faith-Based Movie Starring Kevin Sorbo

Atlas Distribution Company has set an Oct 27 release date for the faoth-based drama “Let There Be Light” with conservative political commentator Sean Hannity executive producing, Variety has learned.

Trump’s promise to Christians in America (video)

President Trump has a message to all Christians in America, he has our back, and will protect our first Amendment rights from the liberal agenda trying to stop churches from engaging in political activity.

Believing Scientists Respond: Why Are You a Christian?

BioLogos asked a number of scientists and engineers of Christian faith about how they encountered Christ and how their faith inspires their scientific work.

Bible Studies at the White House: Who’s Inside This Spiritual Awakening?

Some of the most powerful people in America have been gathering weekly to learn more about God’s Word, and this Trump Cabinet Bible study is making history.

Health and Spirituality

Recent studies suggest a broad protective relationship between religious participation and population health.

Seven ways Trump is taking back America’s culture

President Donald Trump is already changing the country’s politics by taking back its culture from progressives.

Oppression of the faithful bringing forth fruit

A church planter in India says Christians in the Hindu-majority country are growing stronger in their faith despite severe persecution.

Hundreds of asylum seekers in Finland converting from Islam to Christianity

Muslim asylum seekers from Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq are converting to Christianity by the hundreds, according to Evangelical Lutheran administrators.

Being a Christian has more benefits than you might think!

Teleios Research evaluated the benefit of religion on general well-being and specific aspects of daily living in healthy populations.

Christians making pre-emptive strikes against gay weddings

A Christian couple looking to add wedding videos to their business repertoire is suing the state of Minnesota after officials there made it clear that laws require anyone working as a wedding vendor accommodate same-sex couples.

Costa Rican Christians reject the inclusion of gender ideology in the educational programs

Thousands of believers participated in a demonstration in the center of the Costa Rican capital under the motto #aMisHijosLosEducoYo (I educate my children).

Involved at church? You should be!

Teleios Research has shown that participating in church activities might enhance well-being.

Trump Picks Sam Brownback as Religious Freedom Ambassador

The White House announced that Sam Brownback will be President Donald Trump’s nominee for America’s next ambassador-at-large for international religious freedom.

White House praised for protecting our faith

Christian organizations that object to contraception and abortion-causing drugs in insurance coverage may soon see some relief.

Strength of religious adherence = better quality of life!

Teleios Research evaluated the impact of biblically-based religious adherence on quality of life.

Radical Muslim embraces Jesus after Christians show him kindness in ISIS-torn Syria

A persecution watchdog group has shared the story of a Muslim extremist who upon witnessing a church service led by Christians in war-torn Syria decided to abandon his radical lifestyle and turn to Jesus Christ.

Looking for a ‘faith lift’?

Evangelist J.John shared the hope and security of the Christian message with more than 20,000 people at a football stadium in north London.

Listen up, college students! Find religion!

Teleios Research surveyed college students to gain a greater understanding of the influence of religious beliefs on general wellbeing.

A Christian ministry brings healing to children and seniors in Ukraine

Christians Care International (CCI) is working every day to improve conditions and rescue these people.

Raising the Bar to a Higher Standard of “Truth, Decency, Humanity and Liberty”

Duck Dynasty’s Missy Robertson and Sarah Palin speak at “Mom’s March for America”.

Breaking news…Proof Christianity Helps Wellbeing!

Teleios Research evaluated a mid-west, conservative church to explore the association of adherence to Bible teachings and wellbeing.

Smiles for Saturday and Sunday

What children say in church.

Bringing the Word to those starving for it in Ethiopia

In an Eastern African nation known for its poverty, Ethiopian Christians are hungry for the meat of the Word of God – and a Bible translation organization is more than eager to help.

Did You Know Community Service Benefits Personal Wellbeing?

Teleios Research found church going adults, who are serving in some capacity in their church or community, may demonstrate heightened personal wellbeing.

The secret lives of Chinese missionaries in northern Iraq

Used to persecution at home, two young Chinese Christians say life can be more peaceful in northern Iraq, where they work with Yazidi refugees.

Adolescents in Crisis: Why We Need to Recover Religion

With no belief in higher meaning, too many young people turn to hook-up sex, drugs, and social media for fulfillment.

Wow – Traditional Marriage Can Save Your Life!

Teleios Research found traditional marriage provides numerous benefits such as enhanced measures of mental and physical well-being.

Courageous Pro-Life Women Who Fight for Real Equality

What is feminism? If you asked people on the street, the most common response is “equality.” Yet at the darkened heart of today’s faux feminism, there is no equality because it is violently hostile to Life.

The Government Shouldn’t Force Pro-Life Doctors To Promote Abortion, And A Federal Judge Agrees

The Alliance Defending Freedom is a public interest law firm that fights to maintain religious liberty, free speech, and the right of people to freely live out their faith.

Life changing news…Religious adherence promotes greater well-being!

Teleios Research found those more adherent to their Christian faith may promote a sense of well-being.

11A war against Christians

It is estimated that more than 300 people are murdered monthly throughout the world because of their Christian faith.

DOJ Lawyers Still Battling Christians Over Obamacare Contraception Mandate

Six months into President Trump’s administration, Department of Justice attorneys are still battling Christian organizations in court over Obamacare’s contraception mandate.

Take action – write the President

Did you know Bible study can improve wellbeing?

Teleios recently evaluated the effect of a Bible study methods training program on wellbeing in a healthy young adult population within a Christian community environment.

Texas governor signs bill to ‘shield’ pastors’ sermons

Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed legislation that prohibits Texas government agencies from subpoenaing the sermons of religious leaders.

Why we were right to pray for President Trump

The Religious Right and Left may disagree on a lot of things, but the importance of prayer shouldn’t be one of them.

New data…How Church Affects Wellbeing in Youth

A recent survey by Teleios shows prayer, spiritual growth, praise & worship in church help attendees’ wellbeing.

Students sue school for hushing pro-life speech

Two students have filed a lawsuit against their Pennsylvania school district for the right to operate a pro-life club according to their proposed mission statement.

Jim Carrey Preaches Grace of Jesus to Former Inmates: ‘Suffering Leads to Salvation’

Comedian and Hollywood actor Jim Carrey preached the hope of Jesus to former inmates and said that he’s learned that suffering leads to salvation.

Breaking news…The effect of religion on anxiety

Teleios reviewed the medical literature regarding the influence of personal religious belief and religious-based activities on anxiety.

Pro-Life Leaders Meet with Pence to Urge Planned Parenthood Defunding

National pro-life activists were among the conservative leaders who met with Vice President Mike Pence on Friday to emphasize the importance of debating an Obamacare repeal bill and the elimination of Planned Parenthood’s taxpayer funding.

Attending church is good for your health. Now what?

The latest in a long line of studies, now numbering in the hundreds, if not thousands, shows that church attendance is good for your health.

Latest news – What do Christian Millennials believe?

Teleios finds interesting results after surveying Christians about their beliefs regarding salvation, the gospel, discipleship, prayer, praise and Bible study.

Pro-life pregnancy centers challenge Hawaii law requiring health facilities to promote abortions

Pro-life pregnancy centers in Hawaii have filed a lawsuit to challenge a new law that requires health facilities to provide advertising for state-funded abortions and contraception coverage programs.

Conservative Evangelicals Revel in Their ‘Unprecedented’ Access to the President

Squeezed among two dozen other evangelical supporters of the president, Southern Baptist Richard Land added his hand to the others reaching to pray for President Trump.

New research – What contributes to well-being in university students?

Teleios Research evaluates the influence of religious beliefs and social influences on general well-being at a large, southeastern public university.

Religion and Well-being: Assessing the Evidence

A 2016 report from the think tank Theos considers the relationship between ‘religion’ and ‘well-being’.

Christians Rising in Venezuela

The country’s evangelical Christians are speaking out, asking God to restore unity and prosperity to the nation.

Breaking news…How do millennial Christians make decisions?

New data from Teleios Research shows Christians generally take decisions seriously basing their choices on what they perceive to be input from God, the Bible or the Spirit.

Middle Eastern Christians Propose a Safe Haven in Iraq

Representatives of the Assyrian, Chaldean and Syriac Christian political parties have produced a position paper which outlines their desire to establish self-governance.

Reject ‘Passive’ Christianity Says Former MMA, WWE Star Ken Shamrock

Former accomplished mixed martial artist and professional wrestler Ken Shamrock told megachurch church attendees “Don’t sit on your Bible”.

New research, “What do millennials know about salvation?”

Teleios recently surveyed 535 millennials about lordship, if salvation can be lost and God’s provision for salvation.

Huge Free-Speech Win in Illinois: Court Stops State From Forcing Pro-Lifers to Promote Abortions

A federal judge in Illinois handed down a major victory for religious conscience and free speech protection.

Jim Carrey just told a room how Jesus opened the gates of heaven

The actor Jim Carrey recently gave an inspiring thought for the day about Jesus opening the door to forgiveness.

Latest Research, Pastor Survey on Church Leadership

Teleios recently conducted a survey of pastors who graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary to assess views of the leadership structure in their churches.

Christianity is growing in Eastern Europe

According to a recent survey from the Pew Research Center, religion has made a striking comeback throughout the region, especially since the breakup of the USSR.

Minnesota Catholics rally against Satanic statue

A proposed Satanic monument in a city-run veterans’ park has drawn strong opposition from Catholics in Minnesota, who have led prayer rallies and spoken before the Belle Plaine City Council.

New Survey Data on Holy Spirit

Teleios surveyed about the role of the Holy Spirit in our salvation and Christian walk, the duty of a Christian towards the Holy Spirit and the results of the Holy Spirit acting in our lives.

A Hollywood Actor’s Blunt Message for Atheists

Comedian and actor Jay Mohr is one of the rare actors who is open about his faith. In a recent piece for Patheos, Mohr had a message for these atheists — as well as for his fellow Christians.

New Noah’s Ark Lights: ‘Christians Need to Take Back the Rainbow’

Ken Ham, the founder of The Ark Encounter, told social media fans this week that the park set up the rainbow lights “to remind the world that God owns it and He decreed it’s a sign of His covenant with man after the Flood.”

‘Aladdin’ Actress Naomi Scott is No Stranger to Christianity

Actress Naomi Scott made big news after Disney announced she will play Jasmine in Disney’s upcoming live action “Aladdin” movie. And it’s a big deal for believers as the up and coming Scott has talked openly about Christianity.

Latest…Does Christianity Help Wellbeing?

Teleios recently evaluated a mid-west, religiously conservative church to explore the association of adherence to Bible teachings and wellbeing.

Kellyanne Conway Says Her Job Would Be ‘More Difficult’ If She Wasn’t ‘a Person of Faith’

President Donald Trump’s senior adviser, Kellyanne Conway, says that ignoring the criticisms that come with her job would be more difficult if it were not for her faith in Jesus Christ.

CBN Launches ‘Faith Nation’ Today: LIVE, Social Media-Driven Political Talk Show

The Christian Broadcasting Network is launching a new, LIVE social media-driven political talk show. “Faith Nation” and will debut on Facebook LIVE Wednesday, July 19 at 12:30 p.m. ET and be broadcast every Wednesday thereafter.

Protect Military Religious Liberty and Honor Chaplains

Petition to Protect Religious Liberty in the Military and Honor Chaplains. Your signature makes an impact!

Breaking news – Association of strength of religious adherence to quality of life measures

Teleios research shows religious adherence may promote a sense of well-being in those who profess Christian faith.

Benham Bros. Wanted to Use HGTV Show to Make ‘Disciples of the Nation’

Popular conservative Christian real estate entrepreneurs the Benham Brothers recalled how they almost promised HGTV that they would keep quiet about their Christian beliefs in an attempt to save their now-canceled reality television show.

New data – Association of Strength of Community Service to Personal Wellbeing

Teleios research demonstrates church going adults, who are serving in some capacity in their church or community, may demonstrate heightened personal wellbeing.

Christian Grandma Florist Fined for Not Working Gay Wedding Takes ‘Last Stand’ at Supreme Court

Barronelle Stutzman, also known as the “Christian grandma florist,” is now asking the U.S. Supreme Court to hear her appeal to reverse a Washington court’s decision earlier this year that found her guilty of discrimination for refusing to provide flowers for a gay wedding.

University: We screwed up! We won’t toss out Bibles or crosses

The leadership at Oklahoma’s East Central University slammed on the brakes and jettisoned their decision to removes crosses, Bibles and other religious symbols from a historic campus chapel.

New results about Christian beliefs

Teleios finds interesting results after surveying Christians about their beliefs regarding salvation, the gospel, discipleship, prayer, praise and Bible study.

More Christian refugees arriving under Trump than Muslims

Under President Donald Trump, more Christian refugees have been admitted to the United States in the first six months of 2017 than Muslim refugees, a departure from the Obama-era.

Breaking news…How Church Effects Wellbeing in Youth

Recent survey shows prayer, spiritual growth, and praise & worship in church help attendees’ wellbeing.

Pro-Abortionists Suffering ‘Anger Fatigue’

So, it turns out perpetual outrage is not an effective way to win friends and influence people.

Republican Senator Hails ‘Biblical Miracle’ That Donald Trump Is President

A leading Republican senator has claimed that it is a “biblical miracle” that Donald Trump became President of the United States, as part of remarks calling on the repeal of Obamacare.

NFL quarterback reveals his secret to a successful marriage: Jesus

Philip Rivers of the San Diego Chargers has not lost focus on what matter most to him: his faith!

Why Belief in the Bible is Rational: An Interview with K. Scott Oliphint

Faith is the foundation upon which the Christian life depends. But what are the good reasons for that faith? And how does the Bible factor in to the basis of that faith?

American Churches Have a Better Reputation Than Higher Ed or the Media

Institutional trust continues to decline in surveys, but religious organizations still rank high.

Marco Rubio Mocks Politico for Saying Proverbs Is Republican

GOP Senator Marco Rubio of Florida blasted left-leaning media, Politico, which published an article commenting that he was tweeting “the most Republican part of the bible,” referring to his use of verses from the book of Proverbs in the Old Testament.

A Biblical Case for Defending Religious Freedom: Paul in Acts

In late May, Alan Sears, the founder of the Alliance for Defending Freedom, was awarded the Wilberforce Award for his and the Alliance’s efforts on behalf of religious freedom.

Religious Liberties Act protects FL students

Florida lawmakers have passed legislation that better protects students and staff who express their religious faith on public school property.

5 Truths a Church Must Wake Up to So Revival Can Happen

God answered their prayers in Acts 2. The Spirit came and their little church exploded from 120 to well over 3,000 in attendance in an instant!

Ex-Gay Is Here to Stay

For 11 years, the Truth Wins Out website aggressively attacked those who claimed to be ex-gay, along with individuals and organizations that supported ex-gays.

The Most Technologically Advanced, Immersive Museum Coming Soon

The most technologically advanced museum ever – the awesome, upcoming Museum of the Bible – will open later this year in Washington, just three short blocks from the Capitol Building and only steps from the Washington Mall.

Christian Crisis Pregnancy Centers Sue Illinois Over Law Forcing Them to Promote Abortion

Christian crisis pregnancy centers in the Chicago suburbs have filed a lawsuit challenging a change in an Illinois law that forces physicians and nurses to notify pregnant patients of all their available options, including abortion.